Uniform fittings are done on an annual basis at the beginning of the school year, usually during band camp. The Band Boosters are responsible for all alterations, including hemming etc., of all marching band uniforms. All volunteers must be cleared in order to help with uniform fittings. All alterations must be done by hand.

The marching band uniform consists of: hat with plume, jacket, sash, gauntlets, black gloves, pants, black socks, and black marching band shoes. This is dependent on the instrument the student is playing. For example, sousaphone, or tuba players, wear berets, while the percussionists in the front ensemble do not wear hats and plumes. The drum major will wear white gloves and an aiguillette on the left shoulder. It is expected that all marching band students wear a black shirt and black shorts underneath the uniform.

Please keep in mind, the band director decides what the uniform consists of, so this information could change in the future.

Currently, we do have overlays for the uniforms but we are not using them at this time. They are mainly used for festivals and parades, if the band director decides to use them that season.

The Band Boosters are also responsible for sending the uniforms in to be dry cleaned at the end of the season.