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World's Finest Chocolate


The World's Finest Chocolate Sale is a very popular and easy fundraiser for the students. It takes place twice a year, once in the fall semester, and then again in the spring semester.

One half of the proceeds from chocolate sales go directly into your student's personal Band 101 account. Funds in Band 101 accounts may be used to offset band and marching assessment fees and may also apply towards expenses for band trips.

Mr. Werner coordinates the World's Finest Chocolate sales and will send information about it home with your student. Parent's must sign a financial agreement stating how many boxes they are willing to have their son or daughter sell.

NOTE: In order for your student's proceeds to be properly applied to their Band 101 account, money from the sales of chocolate must be turned into the school bookstore and the receipt that is issued must be turned in to Mr. Werner. If a receipt goes missing, parents or students can request a duplicate receipt from the bookstore.

For more information, contact the MPHS Band Boosters or visit the Worlds Finest Chocolate website.