We highly encourage all of our families to take advantage of the Arizona Tax Credit for payment of band assessment fees. Families and friends can also make a tax credit donation to help pay for your student’s fees. Visit the Tempe Union High School District  for more information on the Arizona Tax Credit Program.

Band Assessment Fees for 2016-2017

• $400 for students in Concert & Marching Band
• $200 for students in Concert Band only

The above fees are in addition to the course fee and band activity fee charged by the bookstore ($30 and $50 respectively).
Make all payments at MPHS Bookstore and submit the receipt to Mr. Hartgrove. 

Please note that some fundraising activities will be offered to students to help offset the cost of participating in Band.  Contact Mr. Werner if your student plans on using this method to pay for fees.  The Arizona Tax Credit is also highly recommended.

Fee Schedule

Families are welcome to pay all fees in full at registration, or pay in installments using the following payment schedule.

Marching Band

  • September 16 — $100 minimum marching deposit
  • October 14 — $100 final marching payment
  • December 2 — $200 concert fee

Concert Band

  • September 16 — $200 concert fee
Band 101 Accounts
While payments to the student band accounts are made at the MPHS bookstore, balances for each student account are recorded and tracked by the Band Boosters. Students must submit their receipts from the bookstore to Mr. Werner to ensure their accounts are credited for all band related payments. For information about your student’s account balance or other questions about the Band 101 Accounts, please contact the MPHS Band Booster Treasurer.

What do assessment fees pay for?

From Mr. Werner:

It is important to remember that our program is almost entirely self-funded. There is no “band budget” that is provided through the district or the state for our day-to-day educational and operational needs.

There are district mandated course and activity fees, which are highly limited in their use and are due upon registration at the bookstore. These fees do not begin to cover the needs of a comprehensive music education program.

The assessments that we collect form the operating budget of the program and cover expenses including, but not limited to, the following:

Marching Band

  • Instrument acquisition
  • Instrument maintenance and repair
  • Uniform rental, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Purchase of music (either published or arranged)
  • Show design and/or choreography
  • Required clothing such as polo shirts, t-shirts, marching shoes, gloves
  • Payment for supplemental instructional staff
  • Travel expenses including charter busing and meals
  • Facility expenses such as field lighting and paint
  • Miscellaneous equipment such as flip-folders, microphones, speakers, podium and stand maintenance, etc.
  • Band locker and lock rental

Concert Band

All of the same music, instrument and locker needs as above, plus:
  • Supplemental instructors
  • Miscellaneous equipment
  • Registration costs for ABODA/AMEA events such as festivals, Solo and Ensemble, Regional and All-State auditions, etc.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. The Administration, Booster officers, and I greatly appreciate the value you place on music education in the life of your student, and for helping to ensure that our Band program continues to be vital and meaningful.

Arizona Tax Credit Donations

The Arizona Tax Credit Program (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows any Arizona taxpayer to donate to a school of their choice in support of extracurricular programs and get their entire donation back in the form of a tax credit.

Family members and friends may donate to the MPHS Band Program in general, or on behalf of a named student. More information is listed on the AZ Tax Credit page of our website.