Parent Booster Meeting date change to Jan 12!

posted Jan 4, 2016, 11:03 AM by Band Boosters
The next Parent Booster Meeting will be held in the Band Room on January 12, 2016 at 6:00.  Nominations will be accepted for the new Executive Board until that time.  Please consider submitting your name!  Read the note below for more information.

Dear Band Parents,


This is important; please take the time to read it through and consider how you can help with the band program going forward at MPHS.


Many of you may not know that the term of the current booster executive board is over at the end of December. Our positions are held from January through December in order to allow new board members to gain experience before the marching season. Currently, the president and past president (Patsy and Carol) are parents of seniors, so we can’t continue in our positions. Out of the other 3 members, only one is considering running again. 


While a number of parents have pitched in and volunteered so far this year, attendance at our monthly meetings is low and presents us with a challenge as we begin recruiting new board members for the 2016 MPHS Band Boosters Executive Board. I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad or guilty, but to give you an idea of how difficult it has been for us to find anyone willing to join the board. If no one decides to step up, the Band Booster Organization at MPHS, which is one of the largest boosters on campus, will cease to exist. 


What a shame it will be for your student if he/she doesn’t have the support of the parents. Yes, it may take a bit of your time during the football season, but I can assure you that the rewards are worth it.


Band Booster fundraising, event coordination and volunteer efforts provide many of the extras that round out the music education experience at Mountain Pointe.


Without the MPHS Band Boosters, here is what your band student will miss:


·         Fundraising — Each year, the Band Booster Board makes a monetary gift to the program to support the purchase and repair of instruments. No Boosters means no new instruments

· — An informative website and photo gallery

·         Our Facebook Page — Featuring posts about band activities and accomplishments

·         The Annual August Preview Show and Dinner — Boosters provide dinner and our band families reconnect as we kick off the season

·         First Aid and chaperones at practices and performances — Mr. Hartgrove does not have any teaching assistants or aides, so Booster parents provide support in case of an emergency

·         Show shirts for our marching students — Each year, the Boosters provide students with a show shirt based on the theme of the halftime show

·         Water at games — Booster volunteers secure donations of water and help the students keep hydrated during hot, Friday night games

·         Away Game Performances  — Booster volunteers drive and load the equipment truck

·         Uniform fittings or alterations — Our “uniform moms” measure students, alter uniforms and keep them in good order from year to year

·         Ticket sales at concerts — Proceeds from ticket sales go directly into the band’s budget

·         Concession tables at concerts — Money raised at concessions helps pay for the monetary and material donations that the Boosters give the band program.

·         NAU Day or away performances — Boosters provide chaperones, logistics, meals/snacks, uniform help and first aid as well as driving the equipment truck.

·         End of the year trips to LA, San Diego, or Disney — Booster volunteers help with logistics and supplemental funding for concert band trips to out of town competitions.

·         Awards Banquet — A long-time Booster tradition of helping Mr. Hartgrove recognize student achievement and celebrate the successes of the year as well as an emotional farewell to graduating seniors

·         Senior Recognitions — Boosters organize half-time activities to honor senior marching band members and to acknowledge the families who support them.

·         Middle School Outreach — Middle School Students are made to feel welcome and our veteran parents answer parent questions in order to encourage new students to join the band


This doesn’t have to be a difficult job, especially if just a few parents will step up and help. Please consider becoming involved…don’t think that “someone else” will do it.  Our kids need you.