08/26/14 From Mr. Hartgrove: Band Assessment Fees

posted Aug 26, 2014, 9:24 PM by Band Boosters   [ updated Aug 26, 2014, 9:25 PM ]

Our year is off to a great start, both in the concert band classes and with the Lionhearts' marching season. This is a reminder about the fee schedule that is in the syllabus and on the Booster website. I have copied the dates again below for your reference.

We appreciate your faithfulness to these commitments, either through cash/check payments, Tax Credit donations, fund raising accounts, and any combination of the above. Without the financial dedication of our students and families we have no operating annual budget. The Boosters will be sending out statements soon as well.

As always, if you need to speak with me privately about finances to work out a solution please let me know, it will always remain confidential. See you soon!

Concert Band
(paid by ALL members of Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Percussion):

August 25 - $200 concert band assessment

Marching Band (if your student marches AND is in concert band class):

August 25 - $100 minimum marching deposit

September 22 - $200 marching balance

October 27 - $200 concert fee