Coins for Concerts

posted Apr 30, 2015, 7:44 AM by Band Boosters   [ updated Apr 30, 2015, 7:56 AM ]

When we said "Bombs Away" on the Juniors, you all took it seriously.  They really took one for the team!

Here are the results of the Coins for Concerts drive:

1st: SOPHOMORES  with -2515 points ($70.37)

2nd: Freshmen with -3370 points ($85)

3rd: Seniors with -7218 points ($102.92)

4th: Juniors with -17,014 points ($267.46)

A total of $525.75 was raised with the Coins for Cash

A total of $500 was donated to match (Please thank the Cootes and Bates families)

A total of $144 was donated at the door.

So, a total of $1169.75 was raised!  Congratulations on an outstanding job.

Don't forget...we're having a party at the Adlam house on Friday after school to celebrate, and give the sophomores their prizes.