09/01/14 Volunteers Needed: Uniforms on Game Days

posted Sep 1, 2014, 10:59 PM by Band Boosters   [ updated Sep 1, 2014, 11:01 PM ]

A request from our uniform chairs, Holly Johnson and Roberta Brown:

Helping students dress ‘in’ and ‘out’ for football games and competitions-

Dressing 'in and 'out' involves helping the students dress 'in' their uniforms before the game and dress 'out' of their uniforms after the game.  Holly Johnson and Roberta Brown can answer any questions.  Please email us if you would like to sign up for a date or if you have any questions. Please consider this easy way to help the band and make sure the students look their best for the football game.

Responsibilities include:

Dress 'in'-

Pull out the uniform cart and sash bin and place it in the hallway next to the band room.  The hat rack, for home games, can stay where it is in the locker room, the students will get their hats from the hat rack.  The vinyl covering can be rolled up and secured with the Velcro straps.  For away games, the hat rack will be put on the pit truck, and the students will put their hat on at the stadium.

Students will dress and then hang their bags back on the rack.

Help students if any uniform issues arise or students forget anything. Holly/Roberta will show you where the extra components are kept.

Dress 'out'-

Students are to hang their pants on the crease over the hanger, and their jacket over their pants.

They will put everything back in the bag, including gauntlets and gloves,  and they place the bag back on the rack in numerical order.  Give each uniform a few squirts of Febreeze and leave the zipper open.  The uniforms are just a little ripe, to say it mildly,  after the students have been in them for 5 hours!

Section leaders will collect sashes and place them neatly in the labeled bags.  They all go in the bin.

If there are any uniform issues(i.e. split pants, hems coming loose), please email us, so we can make sure they are fixed before the next game.

Uniform cart and sash bin go back in locker room, down the aisle where all the uniform materials are kept.  The sash bin goes in the second closet on the left.

We'll send out a finalized list of volunteers and Holly will send an email reminder before each football game.  We will also have a couple of times you can meet us in the band room so that we can show you the routine.  Thank you!

Holly Johnson


Roberta Brown